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Performance Optimization Of Semi Trucks

September 24th, 2014    Posted in Automotive

Modern day semi trucks usually operate as a part of a domestic or international transport infrastructure. These vehicles are designed for transporting large loads and typically travel a significant distance to their destination. Because of their importance to the transport industry, it is critical that they are efficient and reliable machines. Several new studies have been done to evaluate the performance of semi trucks and how they can be improved to increase driver safety and machine effectiveness. This article will outline some of the most recent research done in the semi truck industry so that you can make informed decisions about your current or future semi truck.

Drivers Must Be Comfortable

The comfort of the driver is perhaps one of the most important things to consider when looking into purchasing a semi truck. As Blood et al. found in “Evaluating whole-body vibration reduction by comparison of active and passive suspension seats in semi-trucks” active suspension seats reduced the exposure to vibrations by almost 50%. This is a significant finding because lower back injuries among truck-drivers are one of the highest in the United States workforce. The authors believe that the decrease in Whole Body Vibration (WBV) can be accomplished by switching from traditional seats to electromagnetic vibration cancelling seats.

Mounting and Handhold Attachments

In addition to comfort while driving, it important for semi trucks to have acceptable mounting and handhold attachments. A study by Zwahlen et al. entitled “An Evaluation of Mounting Step Dimensions and Handhold/Handrail Dimensions on Semi-Trucks, Agricultural and Industrial Vehicles” found that none of the semi-trucks studied conformed well to the safety standards and guidelines. This is extremely surprising, especially since slips and falls represent the highest priority in the trucking industry – over all other injury types. As Zwahlen notes, drivers must be able to establish 3 points of contact with the equipment for optimum safety.  However, his findings suggest that the three-point-contact is usually unavailable for most semi trucks.

It Is In The Desgin

In the text “Slips, Trips, Missteps, and Their Consequences” by Cohen and Abele, they recommend that with proper ergonomic equipment design, many of these injuries can be avoided. They advise that when looking for a semi truck, pick vehicles that have a retractable or folded ladder design as well as slip resistant steps with drainage holes. Also, it is critical to ensure that all handhold and rails meet federal regulations. Semi truck sales have been on the rise in the past 10 years, but most manufactures are still unconcerned with driver safety. Keep these important studies in mind when purchasing your next semi truck through a company like Arrow Truck Sales and you’ll be sure to avoid unnecessary injuries.

About Motorcycle Paint In Littleton CO

August 20th, 2013    Posted in Automotive

Most people could paint their motorcycle in the garage after investing in tools and motorcycle paint in Littleton CO. To begin, all painted surfaces must be scrubbed down with sandpaper. An air powered sanding and buffing tool may be used to quickly remove the old paint. The sanding process removes paint and worn material on the metal. Painters prepare a small amount of body filler to smooth out the surface before applying paint. The skim coat of body filler is allowed to dry for five to ten hours before sanding once more. Progressively smoother sandpaper should be used until the vehicle is prepared for paint. Plastic parts may be removed or taped off before spraying. The bike must be sprayed with a coat or two of primer to help the final coat of paint stick. Fine sandpaper is used next to smooth out the primer coat. Motorcycle paint in Littleton CO is sprayed onto the frame and tank last. Most bikes need at least two coats of motorcycle paint for a stunning finish. A coat of clear paint may be applied to increase shine and protect the paint layers. The entire bike must be allowed to dry for several days before reassembly.

Types Of Auto Parts In Cincinnati OH

August 19th, 2013    Posted in Automotive

Automobile parts are by far the most demanded products in the manufacturing world today. In Cincinnati, there are a number of auto dealers that sell different types of auto parts to vehicle owners.

Customization auto parts in Cincinnati OH

One of the most important auto parts that are sold in the area includes customization parts. These are specifically used to change the performance and the looks of the vehicle. These parts are often used for upgrading an automobile or customizing to make it suitable for a specific task. Trucks, road and race cars are some of the commonly customized vehicles, which is done so that they are able to perform well in their respective areas of usage. Bumpers, roofs, tires, rims and various aerodynamics features are also installed on the vehicles for these purposes. These parts are often made specifically for a distinct vehicle at an auto center where installation and testing of performance is also done.

Repair and maintenance parts

The other used auto parts in Cincinnati OH include spares that are used when similar part are subject to mechanical or physical damages. These parts are highly required during regular maintenance services that are needed for an automobile to remain in a good working condition. They include parts such as brake pads, fluids, door linings, mud flaps and interior features. These parts are readily available in auto parts dealers for clients who may require them.

How To Make A Profit With Used Cars In Regina

August 13th, 2013    Posted in Automotive

Buying used cars in Regina at reduced prices, repairing them, and then selling them at a price high enough to gain a profit can be a lucrative career. In addition to reselling used cars in Regina, you can also strip them for valuable parts, and earn money by selling the parts to junkyards or to anyone that is in need of a car part at a reasonable cost.

In order to maximize your profits from this sort of business, you will need to have auto mechanic skills. This will allow you to purchase the cars that people or dealerships are selling dirt cheap because of serious or numerous mechanical or bodily damage. In addition to being able to perform your own repairs, you should have access to inexpensive car parts. This can be done by purchasing from junkyards, buying auto parts wholesale, and keeping a few junk cars on hand to be stripped for parts as needed. Sometimes people will even allow you to tow away their junk cars for free, which will increase your supply of spare auto parts.

If you don’t have the needed skills to repair the used cars yourself, consider creating a partnership with a neighborhood mechanic. In exchange for his repair work, you can pay him a percentage for every used car that you’re able to resell. As always, before starting any new venture check with your local township to become acquainted with any laws that may restrict your new business.

Choosing Auto Painting In Phoenix AZ To Renew Your Car

August 13th, 2013    Posted in Automotive

Are you planning to remodel your old-looking car for your own use or for resell? There are numerous ways you can uplift the appearance of your car, but nothing beats quality painting. The appearance of your car gives the first impression, which is a reason you should consider repainting your car. Auto painting can be done on cars that have been involved in an accident, but you can also paint your car to get rid of the faded colors due to cosmetic damages. You can give your car a custom look by painting it. While many car owners who like DIY paint their cars without taking them to a professional, the best results can be obtained by hiring taking your car to an experienced Phoenix AZ auto painting auto painting technician.

You can choose from a range of auto paints that are available in an auto repair shop, including water paint, powder coating and nitro-cellulose paint. Water-based paints are preferred because they are easy to clean. However, water-based paints require a special coat to give it a protective cover. On the other hand, nitro-cellulose paint is volatile and can give a dull finish. However, a good auto painter can give it a deep shine. You can also choose isocyanate paint, which can leave your car with a glossy finish.

Auto painting is a process that is classified into two distinct stages. First, your Phoenix AZ auto painting shop will do detailing to remove the rust and touch up chipped paint on the surface of the body of your car. The second and last stage involves painting of the body of the car.

How To Access Audi Repair In Boulder CO

July 30th, 2013    Posted in Automotive

Audi repair in Boulder CO is important for anyone who owns or drives these incredible vehicles to have access to. The Audi brand is an environmentally responsible one that presents with numerous ownership and financing choices. However, as with any vehicle, maintenance and repairs as needed for your Audi are essential to protecting its continued usability.

Audi repair in Boulder CO isn’t like repairs on other vehicles and therefore, it’s not wise idea to let an amateur or non-expert work on it. Audi repair involves not only determining the problem that the vehicle is currently experiencing, but also finding and applying the solution. That is obvious and barely needs to be pointed out.

However, it is important because it is necessary to point out that due to the differences between Audi vehicles and other vehicles, diagnosing the problem and obtaining parts in a timely manner is not as simple as might be for certain other automobiles.

Finally, there are numerous options seen on an Audi that are not seen elsewhere. Although only present in some older vehicles, there was a five-cylinder engine used in the Audi at one time. There have also been new styles of running lights and an innovative semi-automatic transmission, neither of which are common elsewhere. Those are only two of the items that Audi repair technicians need to be familiar with.


Using RV Repair In Glendale AZ

July 29th, 2013    Posted in Automotive

Many people might wonder if it is important to use RV repair in Glendale AZ. Using RV repair in Glendale AZ is very important for a number of reasons. Using RV repair ensures that your RV is repaired in the right way. RV’s are complicated machines and a normal mechanic cannot fix them. Since they have so many different parts to them they require a certain type of repair. People who specialize in RV repair understand mechanics and the other systems involved in RV’s. When going to a RV repair place there are a few things you can expect.

You should expect to explain the problem the best you can. Although RV mechanics know a lot about how an RV works they cannot know exactly what your RV is going through. You will most likely have the best idea of what is wrong with your RV so you will have to do your best to tell them. Once you have filled them they can run some tests on the RV and begin to fix the problem. If they have to order a part it will take a little longer. Once the process is completed they will call you up and you can pick up your RV.

Motorcycle Repair In Castro Valley, CA To Get You Riding

July 26th, 2013    Posted in Automotive

I am a bike rider. If you see me, then you’ll know I’ve got it all. I have the tight leather pants and the boots; I have the works. Even experienced riders such as me, experience a problem with their bike. My bike started to make a strange noise. I had never heard it before. I decided the best thing to do was to find some place to take it. I did not want the problem to get worse. It is always better to practice preventative care than to let problems pile up on you.

I could not believe it though. I never had a problem with my bike. I love that motorcycle. This is when I found motorcycle repair in Castro Valley, CA. The motorcycle repair in Castro Valley, CA should be able to take care of your precious bike and get you back on the road. I really did not want this to be a pricey expense. They told me what my problem was in detail and gave me suggestions so that this repair is not needed frequently. The people at the motorcycle repair shop were very honest. You should be able to find an honest repair shop near you.

Why You Need A European Car Mechanic In Las Vegas

July 23rd, 2013    Posted in Automotive

There are many well-built European cars sold in the United States. These cars can be fun to own and are normally very dependable, but even the best car needs repairs from time to time. There are some differences between European cars and American cars that make it necessary to have a good European car mechanic in Las Vegas.

Since importing cars is not cheap, normally only the best examples of vehicles are imported. This means that the car is likely to be more expensive to buy, and more expensive to maintain. Parts for a European car can be very expensive, especially if you do repairs with original manufactured parts. The good news is that if you maintain these cars properly and do not cut corners, they can perform well for a very long time.

A mechanic that specializes in European cars will know where to get parts for your car and that can save a lot of time and money. European cars also have parts sized in the metric system. While most mechanics today have both standard and metric tools, if there is a repair that needs a specialized tool a European car mechanic will be more likely to have it on hand.

There is also the matter of training. Many European car makers, BMW for example, have special schools that teach mechanics to work on their cars. While auto repair is the same in many aspects, every car maker has their own quirks that a mechanic with less training may not know about.

If you own a European car it is worth the time and money to care for it properly. Part of that is finding a European car mechanic in Las Vegas that understands your car and who is equipped to repair it properly. This will save time, money and make your car safer and more reliable.